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Rosen Kirshen Tax Law

Rosen Kirshen Tax Law is a national tax law firm based in Toronto, Ontario. We take a proactive, client focused approach allowing our lawyers to provide comprehensive legal tax advice and representation.

Our focus and expertise is centered around the complex area of tax law placing Rosen Kirshen Tax Law (“RKTL”) in a unique position to deliver the quality of service and legal tax defense rightfully expected by hardworking Canadians.

We provide tax advice to domestic and international clients alike. Our practice encompasses all aspects of taxation including tax planning and restructuring, tax litigation at all court levels, and advice on compliance obligations.

The Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) can be an intimidating organization – especially considering their interests are not necessarily aligned with those of taxpayers. The CRA has established administrative policies and procedures that guide their enforcement actions. These policies and procedures tend to differ from the jurisprudence of the Tax Court of Canada. RKTL exists solely to defend the rights and uphold the interests of hardworking Canadian taxpayers against the often heavy-handed actions of the CRA.

If you find yourself in a tax dispute with the CRA, whether it be an unfair tax reassessment, bank seizure or tax lien, or fear Revenue Canada may pursue you for unreported income, consult a tax lawyer at RKTL today and explore your options.

Free legal consultations with a tax lawyer are offered in most cases.

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the firm or want to explore the available avenues.

Esther Joseph is a senior paralegal at Rosen Kirshen Tax Law. Esther has developed her skill and efficiency while working in the tax law arena. Her background also includes insurance defence and criminal law.  Esther’s approach is client-driven. She goes above and beyond to ensure that all matters are handled in a timely, efficient, and clear manner.

Esther Joseph

Senior Paralegal
Jason Rosen is a founding Partner at Rosen Kirshen Tax Law.  Jason provides effective and aggressive representation by taking a proactive, client centered approach for his domestic and international clients alike. Throughout his time in the field, Jason has gained a comprehensive understanding of tax procedures and the dispute resolution process.  

Jason Rosen

Jeff Kirshen is a founding Partner at Rosen Kirshen Tax Law.  Jeff advises clients in all aspects of domestic and international taxation while specializing in complicated tax matters. He provides practical advice to individuals and businesses on all areas of taxation, including tax residency, the dispute resolution process, the Voluntary Disclosures Program, rectification applications, and tax litigation.  

Jeff Kirshen


Dara advises individual taxpayers and corporate clients.

Dara Azari

Anna Osterberg is a Support Clerk at Rosen Kirshen Tax Law.

Anna Osterberg

Support Clerk
Gabriel Gruszka is a law clerk with Rosen Kirshen Tax Law.

Gabriel Gruzka

Law Clerk
Christine Phillips is the Support Clerk at Rosen Kirshen Tax Law.  

Christine Phillips

Support Clerk
James Alvarez is an Associate with Rosen Kirshen Tax Law.

James Alvarez

Paul Heller is a Student-at-Law with Rosen Kirshen Tax Law.

Paul Heller