Tax Court Services

If you disagree with the Canada Revenue Agency’s (“CRA”) decision resulting from an audit or objection, you can appeal the assessment or determination to the Tax Court of Canada (“TCC”).

Voluntary Disclosure

Second chances don’t often happen in life.  Have you failed to report income, overstated your expenses, or were you unaware that you were required to disclose foreign assets?

Taxpayer Relief 

Do you have a tax debt that seems impossible to pay off due to the high interest rates and penalties imposed by the CRA?  Did you realize that both interest and penalties are discretionary charges?
Tax Debt

Are you unable to pay your bills or operate your business due to your bank account being frozen by the CRA? Having difficulty refinancing your home because the CRA has a lien on your property?

If the tax auditor believes that a tax return was filed incorrectly or contained inaccurate information, it is likely that the taxpayer will be reassessed by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Unfiled Returns

If you have unfiled tax returns, the CRA may have filed arbitrary returns for you. These are fake returns created to get your money! Rosen Kirshen Tax Law knows what it takes to get you filed up to date, and get you back on track with your tax reporting obligations.
How to Survive an Audit

How to Survive an Audit

21.08.2019 / by Jeff Kirshen / 0 comments

The thought of being audited is dreaded by most taxpayers. This fear stems from being unprepared. Often, tax returns are mismanaged, receipts are lost, and bank statements are unorganized. Audits are a central Canada Revenue Agency enforcement method. As such,…

What is a T2125 Statement of Business or Professional Activites?

A T2125 form is a schedule that goes along with a tax return, and it lists income, and expenses where taxpayers operate certain types of businesses. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires all resident taxpayers who generate business income or…

Are Maternity Leave Payments Taxable?

Are Maternity Leave Payments Taxable?

8.08.2019 / by Jeff Kirshen / 0 comments

Maternity and Parental benefits are a form of Employment Insurance (EI) which provide financial assistance to people who are away from work because they are pregnant, have recently given birth, or because they are caring for their newborn or newly…

Canada Tax Return Deadlines for 2019

Canada Tax Return Deadlines for 2019

30.07.2019 / by Jeff Kirshen / 0 comments

In Canada, personal tax returns for employees must be filed on or before April 30. Business tax returns must be filed on or before June 15 if a taxpayer, taxpayer’s spouse, or taxpayer’s common-law partner carries on a business. It…