Corporate Services

Whether you are looking to acquire an ongoing business, or divest yourself from a business which you have built up and are prepared to exit, our team of corporate and tax lawyers have the knowledge and capabilities to assist with your commercial transaction.
Business Formation
We provides services in relation to incorporating federal and provincial corporations as well as providing strategic advice regarding director and officer responsibilities and obligations. RKTL also explain how to reduce your tax bill through your new legal arrangement.
Commercial and Residential Leasing
Whether you own a commercial building or residential building, or are looking to rent a space for your new business adventure, our lawyers have the experience to assist you with a wide range of commercial and residential leasing matters.
Corporate Law and Record Maintenance
Corporations must prepare annual shareholder, and director resolutions, in addition to a whole host of other record maintenance requirements.  Let our lawyers assist you with keeping your corporation up to date and in compliance with the law.
Commercial Contract Drafting and Review
Are you looking for a commercial contract to be drafted, or reviewed? Our team of corporate lawyers will assess your needs, and work with you while drafting your contracts. We understand what is most important to business owners.
Commercial Financing
Rosen Kirshen Tax Law provides complete advice and expertly prepares all necessary documentation with respect to all aspects of business financing, including general security agreements and registrations pursuant to the PPSA to secure the financing.
Corporate Reorganizations
Are you looking to reorganize your company? Do you have losses in one company, and profits in another? Rosen Kirshen Tax Law can assist with reorganizing your company so that we minimize your tax obligations.
Merging one company with another is normally a tax driven exercise. That is why Rosen Kirshen Tax Law is in a perfect position to assess your needs, and determine a merger strategy best suited to those needs.